Greencuisine Trust focuses on building ecological food cultures

Greencuisine Trust through inspiring projects, courses and consultancy explores our relationship with food and encourages ways of growing and eating that nourish people without harming the environment.

Every day we make decisions about the food we eat, these choices shape our world, they influence our individual health as well as millions of other people in the world and the health of the planet.

We are part of a large global food movement driving change in our food systems. We believe that through the widespread sharing of both indigenous & scientific knowledge we can all learn to grow, prepare & eat nutritious food.


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Greencuisine Trust





Romy trained as a teacher and worked in the state system and a free school before founding Neals Yard Remedies in 1981. She sold the company in 2006 and bought Trill Farm in Devon. Here she returned to her educational roots running land based workshops and courses. On the farm Romy established a group of small enterprises each one providing a rich educational resource for students that came to the farm. She sold the farm in 2020 but remains committed to teaching the skills that are needed to navigate the years ahead.


Founding Member

Daphne has cooked, studied, taught & written about food all her adult life. She has run a nutritional consultancy practice for over 25 years working with schools, colleges and organisations looking at ways to nourish well being. Daphne is the founding member of Greencuisine Trust and brings her passion for food that truly nourishes, body, mind & soul, together with diverse experiences in the world of food, to her work as a nutritionist & educator within the Trust.



Bill was educated in America and moved to England to attend Birmingham University Medical School. He has been committed to health through good nutrition throughout his career. He was a full time partner in General Practice and an Honorary Senior Lecturer in General Practice before his recent retirement. He has a keen knowledge and deep understanding of the natural world and environmental issues.


Through various educational projects Laura has taught the value of local food. She has helped to bring farming into city streets, taught inspiring food projects to children, created projects around horticultural therapy and shared the holistic benefits of growing and harvesting your own food. Laura specialises in communicating and inspiring young people with complex learning difficulties and behaviour and inspiring them through relationship to soil.


Sue’s work and training has gone down many connecting paths of teaching, community social work, creativity & psychotherapy. She taught art & pottery to bright children with dyslexia & diverse learning difficulties for 18 years, as well as a counselling & stress management consultancy. Sue appreciates the value of grass roots initiatives to empower individuals working together to truly nourish the world in a more sustainable and compassionate way.


Candida has been involved in a range of ecological projects, including promoting local and sustainable food culture and consumer habits e.g. Food Future Bridport.

She was brought up on an organic farm, where she is still involved in developing biodiversity & soil health. Candida champions the arts to create social change, likes to connect local action with global perspective, and is keen to bring different interest groups together.  

It was our privilege to have Polly Higgins as our patron until

she passed away on April 21st 2019

Her pioneering work to protect the planet will live on -

become an earth protector at www.stopECOCIDE.earth

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