Preserving & Recycling Food

A card series of practical ideas & recipes

by Daphne Lambert


Food ‘Waste’

The UK creates 15 million tonnes of food waste every year.

7 million tonnes of that food comes from households.

The impact of throwing away food is enormous so this set of cards gives

tips to avoid food waste

recipes using leftovers

information on composting including

hot composting, cold composting, vermiculture & bokashi, to help you reduce, reuse & recycle


A pack of cards about lacto fermentation, simply explaining the why, what & how.

Lacto fermented foods use minimal resources, are a rich source of beneficial bacteria and are delicious to eat.

There are several every day recipes that are easy to make including

red cabbage, apple & juniper kraut

fermented celeriac with turmeric

chilli sauce plus a trouble shooting guide – just incase something looks amiss!


Drying (dehydration) is one of the oldest methods of food preservation.

This set of cards lists the benefits of dehydrating, suggests equipment you might need,

includes a basic preparation and temperature guide, plus information on storage and

how to dry herbs.

There are also a few simple recipes including

dried mushrooms


buckwheat crackers

fruit leathers

Herbal Tinctures

What is a tincture? Why make a tincture and what will you need.

Discover for yourself in this simple set of cards.

There is information on

how to make alcohol, vegetable glycerin & apple cider vinegar tinctures

easy to grow herbs for making tinctures

wild gathering plants for tinctures

simple tincture blends

In addition there is an oxymel recipe

and a rather delicious rosa mundi cocktail.

Food 'waste'


1. food 'waste'

3. tips to avoid food waste

5. 'waste' not veg tips

6. ways to use leftover food

7. vegetable stock

8. vegetable soup

9. vegetable frittata

10. lentil flatbread

11. tomato sauce

12. chutney

13. dog biscuits

14. why compost?

15. hot composting

16. troubleshooting hot composting

17. cold composting

18. vermiculture

19. bokashi

20. bokashi troubleshooting

21. what to do with compost if you don't have a garden

22. glossary

23. resources

25. greencuisine trust information

Lacto fermentation


1. what is lacto fermentation?

2. a brief history

3. benefits of fermented foods

4. equipment - vegetables

5. equipment - dairy

6. ingredients

7. key considerations for perfect fermented vegetables

8. simple sauerkraut

9. red cabbage, apple & juniper kraut

10. mixed root kimchi

11. waste not kimchi

12. radish kimchi

13. beets fermented with horseradish

14. fermented celeriac with turmeric

15. fermented chilli sauce

16. sour dill pickles

17. dairy kefir

18. hemp kefir

19. yogurt

20. troubleshooting - vegetables

22. troubleshooting - kefir

23. glossary

24. resources

25. greencuisine trust information

Drying - (dehydration )


1. what is dehydration?

2. a brief history

3. benefits of drying

4. equipment

5. key considerations when using a dehydrator

6. fruit preparation & temperature guide

7. vegetable preparation & temperature guide

8. storage

10. drying herbs

11. drying plant roots

12. powders


13. dried apples

14. dried raspberries

15. dried mushrooms

16. gundruk

17. gundruk relish

18. herb teas - nettle & chamomile

19. dandelion coffee

20. buckwheat crackers

21. kale crisps

22. courgette crisps

23. fruit leather

24. glossary

25. resources

26. greencuisine trust information

Herbal tinctures


1. what is a tincture?

2. why make a tincture

3. what you need

4. alcohol

5. how to make an alcohol tincture

6. vegetable glycerin

7. how to make a glycerite

8. apple cider vinegar

9. how to make an apple cider vinegar tincture

10. benefits of apple cider vinegar

11. how to make apple cider vinegar

13. easy to grow herbs for making tinctures

16. wild gathering

19. tincture blends

21. oxymels

22. apple cider vinegar morning drink

23. rosa mundi cocktail

24. glossary

25. resources

26. greencuisine trust information

Each set of 26 cards is individually packaged in a card box

You can buy the complete set for £21.00 + £4 p/p