Ideas to save Food from the Bin

by Daphne Lambert

UK households waste 6.5 million tonnes of food a year 4.5 million of which is edible.

Food that goes into the bin wastes the soil, water, and nutrients as well as all the resources used to produce, package, store and transport it.

Eat the skin; potato skins contain more nutrients than the actual potato; cucumber skin contains vitamin K which is essential for bone health and blood clotting.

Use up ripe fruit in smoothies or make a fruit leather.

Whiz up a soup with vegetables past their best. Serve with a dollop of pesto to make it extra tasty; nettle pesto in the spring, basil in the summer, kale in the autumn & winter.

Make a stock or broth from your vegetable scraps - make it super nutritious with the addition of dried seaweed.

Turn stale bread into breadcrumbs, dry in the oven on a low heat and store in an airtight container.

Turn citrus peel into a seasoning. Cut into thick strips, remove any flesh, trim off excess pith & dry in a dehydrator or oven, grind and store in an airtight jar.

Use any leftover herbs to flavour oils & vinegar or make a salsa verde.

Bottle, dry, pickle, ferment. learn to preserve and keep a well stocked larder of home made delights.

Be creative with leftovers turn it into another dish - don't start a new recipe every day!

Use your senses, does it look good? Does it smell ok? – Is a food really past its ‘use by’ date & is food only good by the ‘best before’ date?

Keep your fridge below 5C to keep food fresher for longer.

Coffee grounds make can be used as a plant fertiliser - high in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium - sprinkle thinly on soil.

Crush washed egg shells and place around plants to deter slugs.

Start composting - there’s a method & size to suit every household.

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