Soil Culture at create was the UK's summer celebration of UN International Year of Soils 2015. It took place during July and August at the create centre in Bristol, the UK's first Green Capital of Europe, chosen for its willingness to take risks and look at new ideas. Soil Culture at create explored our relationships to the life-giving matter of soil and created a legacy to safeguard soil and its vital role in the future of food and the health of the planet.


An Intimate Taste of Life was presented at the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival on Saturday 28th September 2013 in the greenhouse of House & Garden Courtyard at Snape Maltings. Festival visitors had the opportunity to taste food which links the well-being of the body and the health of the planet in a welcoming, inspiring space. The experience was an invitation for a conversation about food habits and farming practices and the understanding that eating is an agricultural act and what it means to become a food citizen.


At a convivial screening of Animate Earth 'New wisdoms for dangerous times' Dr Stephen Harding and Sally Angel invited Soil Sisters to create artisan food.
to support the message of the film; that a partnership with nature is a vital part of the solution to the environmental problems which we now face. Inspired by local harvests and artisan traditions, Soil Sisters created a Rainbow offering of soupcons & canapés.


Soil Sisters, Miche & Daphne, set up 'Gastrodome', a dining place to feast belly and mind at The Guardian Hay Festival, the literary extravaganza in the small market town of Hay-on-Wye.In this domed canvas 'food haven', where daily menus were improvised from seasonal and artisan produce, a sense of harmony and awareness was brought to the act and art of eating.  Gastrodome also hosted 'Eating to Protect the Planet', an ongoing forum of talks and discussions co-ordinated by the Soil Association.


An inspirational, seasonal rainbow alchemy of the senses to be sipped and savoured.These bespoke elixirs are conceived and crafted by Soil Sisters Daphne, Miche and Flora and arise organically from artisan practices and ancient healing traditions which respect the planet.