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Cottage Farm nestled in a magical  garden and surrounded by farmland and woods is a  tranquil place to support those on a journey with cancer, both people with cancer and carers.  The retreat has been designed for small group of 6 - 8 people to share breathing practices to calm body and mind, meditation to find peace and stillness, nourishing and restorative yoga practices to bring back mobility and strength and discussion to welcome in acceptance and openness.

You are invited you to listen to what your body and mind needs and to take part with as much or as little as feels right. Everything is optional and times can be adjusted to accommodate different resting requirements and individual needs. No previous yoga experience is required.  Throughout you will be supported  with the most nutritious, plant based,  freshly prepared food

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Claire Whalley - yoga teacher

Claire Whalley is a therapeutic yoga teacher and Founder and Director of The Yoga for Life Project which, working with specialist yoga teachers, aims to bring the mental & physical health benefits of yoga to a more diverse community and into the NHS. Claire believes in the power of the breath, meditation and asana yoga practice to bring calm to body and mind and to allow the body’s natural system of self-repair to switch on.


Claire has also specialized in yoga for cancer, having completed her training with Jude Mills Healing Space – Yoga for People living with cancer. She has worked with people with cancer on zoom and in person who are recovering or receiving active treatment for many types of cancer and also receiving a range of treatments. She has also hosted retreats for people with cancer, offering them a safe space where they can feel comfortable, supported and held. By working more closely with people living with cancer, she wants to come to a deeper understanding of what it’s like to live with the condition and to respond in the best way possible using the tools of yoga, mindfulness and meditation to support each individual on their journey.

Marcia Blakenham  - host

'I am especially happy to welcome people who are having a hard time with cancer to take time out here for a few days. I have worked with Maggies Centres since their inception over twenty five years ago and know just how hard it is to keep your equilibrium when you know that you are living with cancer. I live in this lovely place on my own, my children and even my grandchildren are grown up and I would love to share it, even briefly, with people who I know will appreciate its very special qualities.'



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A therapeutic retreat to nourish & restore

8TH-10TH APRIL 2022

Cottage Farm,  Little  Blakenham , Ipswich IP8 4LZ