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There has never been a more important time to rethink the way we eat and the way, through food, we shape planet Earth. 

We are on the threshold of pushing Earth's systems over the edge, but positive change can and is happening. Creating climate conscious kitchens is one of the solutions.


Food systems are complex and the change needed must come from all directions, top down and bottom up. When we are active food citizens rather than passive food consumers we help shape, through our food choices, a more just, equitable and nourishing food system. If as food citizens, we take the lead then maybe we will see a tangible shift top down.


The understanding of the interwoven relationships between individual health, thriving communities, human rights, the environment & climate change lies at the heart of Climate Kitchens.


Climate Kitchens - whether in the home or community, on the farm, or at the office explore the entangled issues around food, so eating becomes a means of ecological remediation. In this way the food we prepare in the kitchen truly nourishes all that inhabit Earth.


Climate Kitchens offers 2 courses

Return of the Larder - a hands-on day learning how to minimise waste, maximise nutrition and preserve an over abundance of seasonal foods for the future. Suitable for individuals and small groups this course is held at Greencuisine Trust Byre in Lewes and is held throughout the year.


Climate Kitchens - this packed day looks at the global food system, ecological agriculture, biodiversity, food waste, low energy food preparation and foods for wellbeing. It is a combination of conversations and kitchen preparation. This course is run for small groups at Greencuisine Trust Byre or at various other locations in Sussex and Oxfordshire for leaders and teams,

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