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by Daphne Lambert

Collagen support tonic broth

Collagen is the main protein of all connective tissue. Fascia tissue, dermis (the bottom layer of your skin), muscles, tendons, cartilage and the tissue surrounding your hair and nails are all prime examples of connective tissue. It is insoluble, & fibrous in shape like strands of thread. The human body has so much collagen that it accounts for roughly one-third of a healthy human’s body!

Fortunately, the human body is well-designed and makes its own collagen when consistently given the nutrients it needs to do so.


Collagen, like all proteins, is made up amino acids, which are properly structured with the help of vitamin C. Without vitamin C, collagen is broken down and not replaced. This results in joints beginning to wear down as your tendons weaken.


The main proteins essential for collagen formation are glycine, lysine, arginine and proline. Zinc activates the proteins responsible for making collagen, copper increases the production of collagen, anthocyanins suppress inflammation and stabilise collagen. Vitamin A & manganese help to increase production of collagen.


2 x strips kombu & a small handful dulse
glycine -  formation of collagen, roughly 1/3rd of collagen is the protein glycine
lysine – formation of collagen

arginine – formation of collagen,

proline - formation of collagen, cellular regeneration, 

contains loads of important minerals including calcium, copper, manganese & iodine 

vitamins including beta carotene vitamin C & B2

6 shallots, chopped - sulphur compounds help synthesise collagen

150g shiitake – protein, vitamin D, copper
handful fresh parsley – vitamin K
1” knob turmeric, chopped – anti-inflammatory

2 beetroot, peeled & chopped – calcium, iron, silicic acids 

½ small red cabbage chopped – anthocyanins, vitamin C

handful kale - amino acids, minerals & vitamins

handful fresh coriander – detoxifying

teaspoon fennel seeds – aids digestion
1” knob of ginger , chopped – aids digestion
4 cloves garlic, chopped – anti-oxidant

3 litres filtered water

Place altogether in a pan and simmer for at least an hour or up to 3 hours 

Strain the broth and store in the fridge 

Add 1 teaspoon miso and up to ½ teaspoon of spirulina for a nourishing, supportive drink for bones, skin, digestion & immunity.

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