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Forest Food Garden


Since 2020 Daphne Lambert, on behalf of the Trust, has been part of a Forest Food Garden Elective at the University of Sussex which aims to foster social and ecological resilience. 

In the face of climate change Forest Food Gardening moves the mindset of a food consumer to one of food citizen, someone actively engaged in or supporting the local growing and preserving of nourishing, minimally-packaged food. A Forest Food Garden is one solution towards creating food resilience.


It is an inspiring initiative that gives the Trust an opportunity to share food & nutrition research and practical skills.

Sussex Food Planting 2024


British Educational Research Association (BERA)

Blog PostCreating a forest food garden: Higher education that is disruptive by design


A future vision for the Sussex University Forest Garden by 2nd year student Rebekah Fleming


To be back,

Is a wonderful thing.

The seagulls are still calling

And the leaves are just as fallen as they lay

Damp and quiet

All of those 10 years ago

Walking through the reds and browns of campus, those bricks

The walls which hold so much learning

But past them, to the classroom of wild grass, of moss, of fruits and wonky veg,

Of messy shrubs and messy learning

Where structures were fluid

Where ideology mingled with the seeds we sowed,

No ivory towers, just the path to our forest garden.

Our forest garden, passed through gentle hands, year after year.

The baton.

Our proud creation, constantly in motion.


Further information: Dr Perpetua Kirby Daphne Lambert

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