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Grow Cook Share is a children's food project that promotes health & well-being through the practical experience of growing, preparing & sharing food. Each project culminates in a community feast that provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the understanding learnt through the year long project of growing and cooking.

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'The feast was delicious and so well prepared by all involved.  It was the kind of food that I would like to eat everyday but often need imagination and time to create.  You have inspired me to up my game in the production of my own meals and you have helped to inspiraea generation throughout the school of individuals who know about food.  What a great gift to give them.'

Feast guest: Devon

'Daphne works closely with children, parents and the community on fantastic food projects providing excellent opportunities for children beyond the normal curriculum.

We feel very privileged to have worked with Greencuisine Trust an organisation that has real vision and enables children to understand the landscape and their natural surroundings.'

Head Teacher: Herefordshire

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