Wednesday 3rd - Thursday 4th: Climate Action Lab : Hawkwood (online)

MARCH 2021

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th: Well Women Retreat : Lewes

Thursday 11th: Fermenting : Lewes

Saturday 20th: Return of the Larder: Lewes

APRIL 2021

Saturday 10th: Fermenting : Lewes

MAY 2021

Thursday 6th: Lyme Day : Lewes

Friday 21st - Monday 24th: Plant Rich Eating: Centre de Creation, Dordogne

JUNE 2021

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th: Well Women Retreat : Lewes


Friday 22nd - Monday 25th: Abundant Harvest: Centre de Creation, Dordogne

I really enjoyed my experience on three courses with Daphne Lambert. She is an excellent teacher who shares her thorough, up to date knowledge about nutrition and the impact of our food choices on the planet. She demonstrates her extensive skills in preparing delicious, beautifully presented, plant based dishes with confidence, attention to detail and humour.

I strongly recommend her courses.

 Susie van Marle



Dates available:

Wednesday 3rd - Thursday 4th February 2021

Hawkwood College Stroud (online)

Further information here


with Daphne Lambert & Julia Behrens

Friday 5th - Sunday 7th March 2021

Friday 25th - Sunday 27th June 2021

Greencuisine Byre, Lewes

2 day Retreat Residential

Cost £445

2 day Retreat non - residential

Cost £345

The rate of £445 includes all food & refreshments, simple farmhouse accommodation, movement sessions, recipes and handouts.

Well Women

A combination of herbal remedies, nutrient dense foods, movement and the sharing of information uniquely for women

with medical herbalist Julia Behrens and eco nutritionist Daphne Lambert

We are limiting participants to 6 to allow for social distancing find out more here


Cost £445

Please choose date

Non-residential Course

Cost £345

Please choose date

Fun, practical, inspiring ways to bring greater harmony to your life.

Well Women Retreats explore hormone balancing, the gut microbiome, the vagus nerve as well as preparing plant based foods that support the unique needs of a women, making herbal tonics & mocktails & tips on how to incorporate what you have learnt into your life.

Each season has a different focus

Spring 5th – 7th March 2021 - includes lots of wild gathering nature walks plus information on cleansing, juicing and sprouting

Summer – 25th – 27th June 2021 - is all about creativity and includes yoga and making hydrosols

The weekend starts with a relaxing massage on Friday afternoon followed by supper and finishes at 3.00pm on Sunday.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring an apron with you.

A fantastic weekend packed full of very practical knowledge about herbs, plants and food. Every detail was thought through and we felt held, inspired and nourished'

For further information contact [email protected]

Julia Behrens is a qualifed practitioner in Herbal Medicine with an honours degree from the College of Phyto-therapy. Julia has taught at the School of Herbal Medicine, lectured at East London and Westminster University, consulted for the WWF and Neal's Yard, appeared on TV and runs a range of courses in Herbal Medicine. Julia works alongside GP’s and is currently practicing at the Herstmonceux Health Centre and at the Albion Clinic in Brighton.




Dates available:

Sunday 13th December 2020

Saturday 16th January 2021 (FULL)

Thursday 11th March 2021

Saturday 10th April 2021

Workshop runs from 10.00am - 4.00pm

Greencuisine Byre : Lewes

Cost : £95.00

With Daphne Lambert

Please choose date

Illustrated above

umeboshi; idli pancake with labneh & fermented pumpkin; black bean tempeh.

Learn about the transformational fermenting process.

Make lacto-fermented vegetables from the seasonal harvest.

Discover traditional methods from around the world of making grains, dairy & pulses more digestible.

The day includes both theory and practical sessions.

This practical one day workshop costs £95.00 and includes a lunch of tantalising tastes

Makes an ideal present, contact us for a gift token - [email protected]

"You are an inspiration - I have learnt so much"

"Thank-you so much for an inspiring day"

"We really gained a huge amount from our time with you and its already changing our lives”



Dates available:

Saturday 20th March 2021

9:30am - 4:30pm

with Daphne Lambert

Greencuisine Byre, Lewes

Cost: £105.00

includes lunch and refreshments

Traditionally food preservation was a way of life and the larder the backbone of the kitchen. Today less people consider food preservation a necessity but there are many benefits. Preserving food is still a fantastic way to stretch your budget, help the environment and live a healthier life all at the same time. A well stocked larder will ensure that you have something to eat and share whatever shock befalls our food system.

During the day Daphne will look at three key ways of preserving - drying, fermenting and elixirs and look at the different ways these foods can help support health and well being. At the end of the day you will have learned more about harnessing the healing properties of plants and how to build food resilience in your kitchen.

Please choose date


with Daphne Lambert

Plant Rich Eating

Friday 21st - Monday 24th May 2021

Abundant Harvest

Friday 22nd - Monday 25th October 2021

Two exciting retreats in SW France at the Centre de Creation overlooking the Dordogne. Spend time in the kitchen with Daphne, learning about food and making delicious, dishes from local food that create good health, support the natural environment and offer solutions to the climate crisis.


with Julia Behrens & Daphne Lambert

Thursday 6th May 2021

10:30am - 3:30pm

Greencuisine Byre, Lewes

£135 includes all refreshments & lunch, all materials for making remedies & tonics to take home with you along with recipes & notes

Lyme disease is becoming more common as the ticks harbouring the Borella spirochete spread.

Julia Behrens, medical herbalist, has supported people with Lyme for over 20 years and during the day will share with you her in depth understanding of the complexities of this disease. She will look at a number of herbs and explain how they can reduce some of the supmptoms of Lyme and co-infection. Julia will also show you how to make oils and vinegars to increase circulation to joints and reduce aches and pains.

Daphne will look at nutrient dense foods that protect & repair collagen, support organs & reduce inflammation.

Lunch will be an opportunity to share stories and enjoy some of these foods.

This is a unique workshop offering support for those with Lyme disease.

Further info on Julia and her practice -

"Opened a whole world of healing information and inspired me to make a major change and take charge of my condition as opposed to denying it. Information was shared in a lively and highly informed way by very skilled facilitators."

"Lovely relaxed warm environment "
"Inspired diverse and mixture of herbal/cooking and Nutrition”

"I gained better understanding of benefits and what we eat, inspired to try new recipes meeting others with Lyme, I also found it interesting hearing about co-infections and their particular effect"

"Fabulous snacks, food, & location"

Please choose date


with Julia Behrens & Daphne Lambert

Date to be advised

10:00am - 4:00pm

Greencuisine Byre, Lewes

This is a one day workshop to help practitioners provide the best possible support for their clients who have Lyme disease and co-infections.

This course is designed specifially for practitioners.

We will look at the complete health picture that is associated with Lyme disease to include -

-Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia and other co infections.

-Herbs & nutrition essential for supporting those with Lyme.

-Discuss a number of protocols in clinical practice.

-Herx and detox

-How the vagal nerve, gut health and herbs can support your client.

-Discuss e-mail response ,case history, note keeping.

Lead facilitator Julia Behrens - Medical Herbalist MCCP, BSc (hons) Dip Nutri, ITEC has run a busy clinical practice for 20 years.

She specialises in Lyme Disease and works with clients from around the world.

Working in partnership with GP’s she has created a package of support for Lyme Disease patients.

If you would like further information about this workshop contact Julia on 07968 366783



Dates available:

Date to be advised

Cost: £475.00

Seaford, Sussex

An amazing retreat for women to help them navigate the years before, during and after the menopause.

Menoheaven will leave you feeling grounded, informed, rested, revitalised and prepared for this most vital and challenging stage.

For further information and to book please contact Menoheaven below .