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Perpetual Spinach

by Daphne Lambert


Perpetual spinach isn’t actually spinach but a type of chard. One of the best things about perpetual spinach is it is a cut and come again vegetable and you can crop almost all year round.

We planted young plug plants, given to the garden project by Ashurst Organics, in raised beds and containers at the end of April. Perpetual spinach is a particularly good container vegetable and as it is shade tolerant, it is perfect for small spaces, patios and balconies.

We began harvesting the leaves in June. The more you harvest the leaves the more the rapidly growing, tasty leaves just keep on coming back and constantly rewarding you with a crop of chlorophyll rich leaves.

Perpetual spinach is easy to grow it is a fairly forgiving plant but prefers fertile, moist, well drained soil. It will over winter and go to seed in the second year.

Check out for seeds

Perpetual spinach salad

serves 4

1 large bunch of perpetual spinach

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 stick of celery

1 avocado

small handful of flat leaf parsley leaves

Wash and dry the perpetual spinach as necessary. Fold the leaves in half and slice away the stalk (save for another dish) Cut into very fine ribbons. Add the salt and massage gently until it wilts, add lemon and massage again. Blend the celery, avocado and olive oil together. Pour over the greens gently mix place in a serving dish and top with the parsley.

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