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Herbal tea

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Summer Tea

The best time to harvest herbs to be dried and stored is on a sunny morning, immediately after the dew has evaporated. Easy leaves to harvest and dry include nettle, lemon balm, mint & lemon verbena. When flower-heads alone are to be dried, gather when they are well out but before they reach maturity. Good flowers to dry include German chamomile, Gallica rose, calendula & elderflower. Dry in a warm well ventilated spot or use a dehydrator. Store in paper bags or glass jars in a cool dark place. To make a summer tea blend mix together dried elderflower, lemon verbena, rose petals, calendula, mallow flowers and nettles and store in a jar

To make tea for 2

3 tablespoons summer tea ½ litre boiling water

Place the summer blend of herbs and flowers into a jug or teapot and pour over the water Allow to steep for 5 minutes Strain into mugs or glasses.

by Daphne Lambert


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