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Courgette Lasagna

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Courgette Lasagna

serves 2

2 courgettes juice of 1 lemon salt and pepper 6 plum tomatoes pine nuts

pesto 2 handfuls basil 50g pine nuts juice & zest 1 lemon olive salt and black pepper

creamy cheese layer 2 tablespoons cream cheese - I use Violife plant based cream cheese alternative

3 ready-to-eat sundried tomatoes

a little milk

First make the pesto blend together the basil, nuts and lemon juice and zest adding enough olive oil to make a pesto that drops easily off a spoon.

Pound the cheese with the sundried tomatoes and a little milk (dairy or plant) to a consistency that also drops easily off a spoon.

Cut the courgette in half then cut very thin slices from each half. Toss them in lemon, salt & pepper.

Cut the tomatoes in very fine slices

On individual plates, assemble the lasagna place a layer of courgette on the plate add a layer of cream cheese then tomatoes then pesto, repeat once more top with a few pine kernels.

by Daphne Lambert


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